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    Ce projet est une initiative de Mashhed pour présenter les droits de l’Homme dans une approche cinématographique.

    Une vision innovatrice dans le but d’instaurer une culture d’Art alternative.

  • Centre Possible

    Ce centre s’insère dans la logique d’action de l’association Mash’hed qui est le renforcement de l’engagement des jeunes dans la vie sociale et la société civile.

    Promouvoir les notions de la créativité, de l’initiative et de l’engagement.

  • Art de rue

    Les participants se sont défoulés dans un environnement plein de créativité, de partage et de respect.

    Encourager les jeunes à exprimer librement leurs idées, à travers les moyens artistiques.

Educational Project ,Why , For Whom , And How ?

A training day was held on February 18th, 2015 by the associations CEMEA ( Training Centres for Active Education Methods) and Mashhed in collaboration with
PASC-Gafsa and Al Mawred Al Thaqafy under the theme of " Education for the benefit of associations and public players in the field of youth and sports".
This training provided by the CEMEA director , was an opportunity for participants to enhance their knowledge by the experiment conducted by the center since
the late thirties and by the active approach taken by the trainer as an educational tool .
The objectives are as follows :
Define the objectives of an educational project : why ?
Define for which categories of people an educational project is constructed : for whom ?
Define the necessary tools to make an educational project successful in its active approach : how ?
Start a " dynamic shared dialogue " on cultural and educational strategies in the region .
Mixed work and reflection groups were formed to adress each of these issues by using past experiences as part of community life and international volunteering
" An educational project is expected to benefit many categories of people, ranging from infancy to the elderly, also to intervene to help people facing
specific issues (vulnerable and marginalized, disabled...) For me, and after the workshops for exchange and learning organized in the local PASCA-Gafsa, I see
that the objective of an educational project has evolved considerably, thus leading it to adapting to the environment, which is a great thing !" Skander
Rezgui, President of the UNESCO Club.
" During my academic carreer, I have learned that education is all about approaches that are exerted on the youth or the ones which the youth exert on their
surroundings , and all combined , they contribute to the creation and the development of their personalities, and this is of course the desired outcome of an
educational project . In fact , giving sense to the proposed activities involves a change in the approach to the construction of the project which has to be
participatory and adapted to the realistic expectations of the young people while respecting them and putting under their disposition the human resources ,
financial and materials necessary". Imen Haji, Head of programming of activities in the Mansion of Youth of the city of Gafsa .

Towards the recognition of informal education : A signed protocol

As part of twinning and cooperation between the governorate of Gafsa and the Pays De La Loire, which started since 2012 , a memorandum of agreement was signed
on February 17th, 2015 at a hotel in Gafsa , between the Commissioner of Youth and Sport and an associative network led by the Cultural Association Mashhed and
the CEMEA ( Training Centres for Active Educational Methods : a French association active in the field of active education since the thirties ) .
The protocol was signed in the presence of : all the regional council of Gafsa , the current governor and former governor of Gafsa, the president of the
Regional Council of Pays de La Loire, the ambassador of France and the Consul of France in Sfax , the representative of the French Institute of Tunisia,
representatives of French civil society activists and associations of Gafsa and finally the representatives of the PASC-Gafsa. It will have a running time of
two years, and the following strategic objectives :
*The recognition of trades and volunteering in the field of socio-cultural and sports activities (non formal education)
*Recognition and the dissemination of training practices in non-formal education field for professionals and volunteers.
Thus , the action plan of the contract contains an advocacy effort for the spreading and the developing of these actions of recognition and dissemination in
the field of education. It is about targeting a recognition on the part of all stakeholders involved in education, childhood, youth and culture beyond the
associations carrying the program and beyond Gafsa .
And after that ?
Following the signing of the memorandum , a meeting between the parties was quickly organized to develop the draft of the action plan for implementing the
protocol . This draft contains essentially : Co-organized games in May and training in active teaching during the month of June for both parties . It is also
planned to involve other international partners(Germany and Spain) with experience in advocacy educational programs.
A steering committee with a president from the state sector and a state rapporteur that will be created in the upcoming days to draw advantage of the action plan.

Scenario Training

Human Cinema Club of the Mashhed association organizes a training scenario on december 30th-31st 2014 in collaboration with the Ofoq association.
Location : The Berber Caves , Senad , Gafsa .





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