• CLUB ِCinéma « HOMME » 

    Ce projet est une initiative de Mashhed pour présenter les droits de l’Homme dans une approche cinématographique.

    Une vision innovatrice dans le but d’instaurer une culture d’Art alternative.

  • Centre Possible

    Ce centre s’insère dans la logique d’action de l’association Mash’hed qui est le renforcement de l’engagement des jeunes dans la vie sociale et la société civile.

    Promouvoir les notions de la créativité, de l’initiative et de l’engagement.

  • Art de rue

    Les participants se sont défoulés dans un environnement plein de créativité, de partage et de respect.

    Encourager les jeunes à exprimer librement leurs idées, à travers les moyens artistiques.

Signature of a convention

A partnership convention was signed between 3 associations from gafsa for the developement of the associative governance management.
After some inter-associative meetings about the programming of activities and the prosentation of projects and commune associative objectives that the ngo's ' red crescnt tunisian committee of gafsa, JCI 'jeunes
chambre internationale' and the cultural association mash'hed have been trying to achieve in the last few years.
a 6 month long partnership between the 3 ngo's has been signed on july the 12th at the pasc-gafsa locals.
The general objective of this partnership is to strengthen the management and governance of the three associations through the exchange of skills and learning through field actions .
The agreement contains two parts on which the associations will work during the six months of the partnership. The first part will be the establishment of an inventory in the areas of youth , culture and health to provide a scientific database to establish plans of associative action in three areas. As for the second phase, it involves the establishment of response field actions to identified needs.
Given the analysis of the three associations skills, such a partnership will develop their national capabilities to assume a greater leadership role in their 
areas and to improve their organizational and operational aspects .

Festival <<Momken>>

the cultural association (mashhed) in partnership with tunisian public institutions and associations from gafsa's civil society has organised the second edition
of its festival ' momken', meaning in arabic ' possible ', for the cultural developement which took place the 12th,13th and 14th of june 2015 in all of the delegations
of the gafsa gouvernorate .

The festival's slogan this year was chosen by Mashhed and its associative network distributed throughout the region is " decentralization of arts and culture "
with the aim of creating new cultural traditions and to found a cultural justice and artistic between the different regions .
The festival comes after a year of work on strengthening and supporting the capacities of members both on the practical level as the theoretical level in the
cinematographic fields , fine arts, music and cultural policies.
The menu is rich :
Six artistic and cultural workshops in six delegations
12 films projected in 11 delegations
cultural decentralization Conference
Art exhibitions in Gafsa city
A musical concert at El Guettar

organisation of activities for an active education in djerba

teachers, members from the BRD, students and parents have joined with mashhed cultural association during the journey of the ' active information '
where workshops around the new means of and methods of the active education had been established.
the journey was executed on three levels :
a practical : consisting of a manoeuvring of technical and scientific activities meant to develop the analytic capacities of the participants
a theoritical : which lead to a conceptualization of the active education and its confrontation to pedagogical scholar and exra scholar practices
a third level which consisted of a story telling kind of activity involving student participants and a writer discussing a book.
According to Anis Amaidia from Mashhed Association: "active education, it's basically sharing knowledge and working together for an active citizenship, one of the
reasons why we are here in Djerba to present our associations project"

Salwa Bouali, a teacher at the school 'march the 2nd', activist of the civil society and organizer of the activity said: "The activity we organized today with my
colleagues helped me understand in theory and in practice this new educational approach first with the "consultation" addressed by the PASC "and adding"
However, with the large number of dropouts, which is increasing every year and the level of students who regresses day after day, a reform of our teaching
methods is essential and requires a multi-stakeholder discussion. "

"Any action of consultation between the two sectors that have reached good results must be capitalized and duplicated, to prove further that good practice and
methodology we follow lead to changes in attitudes of civil society against public actors and vice versa, allowing them to have a consensual view on local
development. We will also address the same subject in other regions, in coordination with our colleagues in Kef, Tozeur, Mahdia, etc. "Said Osama Rjab,
coordinator of PASC in Gafsa.

Three main recommendations emanating from this meeting:

Create an association specialized in this field
Organize training for teachers and facilitators of the library
Continue to organize joint activities.

Traineeship in games and animation.

As a part of Mashhed - CEMEA partnership which is part of the decentralized cooperation between the regions Pays De La Loire and Gafsa , the two associations
have organized animation and games development. A 7 day training , which was designed for a set of associative and state actors from different socio cultural
structures of animation and sports education.
We remind that this training is part of a cycle training co-organized by Mashhed and CEMEA of the Pays De La Loire in partnership with the regional police and
youth sports of Gafsa .
Trainers :
*Salwa Eljamel, Laurent Bissonet (CEMEA Pays De La Loire )
*Gaith Labidi (Mashhed)
Partners :
Program to support the civil society PASC , Office of Gafsa
Higher Institute of Sports Education
Youth and Sports Commissioner of Gafsa
Youth and Sports Commissioner of Mahdia




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